Thursday, October 4, 2012



Pondering with a purpose - Practicality

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This Week's prompt: Practical or not?

First of all to answer this question I would have to decide if I am practical or not.  I know that in our family I am less likely to worry about money.  Hubby is my worry wort about the finances.  While hubby was working it was my job to pay the bills.  He literally gave ne his pay cheque and I gave him an allowance.  Of course at the time he used his money for cigarettes.  I felt I should also have an allowance so I got the same amount which I used for a cleaning lady and to get my hair done.

When the kids were little it was not practical for me to go out to work because daycare would have cost an atrocious amount for all of my children. I took in daycare for extra money instead. Poor hubby worked around the clock to keep us fed and taken care of. He did all of the renovations on the house himself.  I had 50 ways of cooking Pot Roast because it was 39 cents a pound and could be stretched into several meals.

I went back to work once the children were old enough to stay on their own.  Hubby worked close and my Mom was around if the kids got into trouble. I also worked opposite shifts from hubby.  He had the 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday job.  I worked evenings and weekends.  We spent lots of time with the children making sure they were involved in sports and other interest groups. My paycheque went for the frills while hubby continued to pay the household expenses.

When hubby quit smoking I said his allowance should be put toward a trip.  We saved enough for our 25th wedding anniversary cruise to Alaska.  We were hooked on travelling and especially cruises.

We buy what we need however our focus even in retirement is to enjoy ourselves and travel as much as we can while we have our health. When the money runs out we will stay.  I will say I don’t plan to leave my children and inheritance because we plan to live life to the fullest.  I understand we can’t take it with us so I am not leaving it behind.

You can decide whether I am practical or not? I do know we live life to the fullest and laugh everyday.