Sunday, July 29, 2012



We have completed 15 days of cruising. Unfortunately that means there are only 20 days left.  We missed the ports in Greenland so that we could outrun a major storm.  We also missed one port in Iceland however it was replaced by an extra port in Norway. After 4 straight days at sea we stayed in Reykjavik for 2 nights and then travelled to Molde Norway.

This was a surprise port and we had very little information to go on however the town was beautiful.  It set in fjord which made for some fantastic mountain views.  The town had a stream running through it.  D H and I found a walking path and travelled 3/4 of the way up the mountain. Here is a picture of me coming down the mountain.


I am doing the cha cha on the way down.  Molde was a rose gardener’s dream.  The had the most beautiful roses and they smelled wonderful. D H has more wonderful pictures of the scenery and the flowers.

After Molde we travelled over to Geiranger. Again the scenery was awesome. We took the Hop on Hop off bus which took us up one side of the town for a view above the water.  We passed farms with sod roofs.  We saw goats and sheep grazing as well. Then we travelled to the other side of town for another spectacular view.  This is one time I am glad I let some else drive around the hair pin turns although I did feel a little green around the edges.

D H took this wonderful picture of a waterfall off the side of the road.


Today we visited the port of Alesund.  This is city that was rebuilt after a fire in 1904.  There were about 20 architects chosen to design the city.  Wood structures were not allowed.  The design fashion at the time was Art Nouveau.  We had a city tour by a little train.  It took us up the mountain and saved me from climbing 418 steps up for a terrific view.  We also got a little bit of history as well. Of course D H has a picture of me as well.


This has been a wonderful trip and we are so happy we chose this way to see Norway as well the rest of the countries we will see next week. I hope everyone has a satisfactory week.