Saturday, July 28, 2012



We were docked early in the morning even before breakfast. As DW and I were traversing the pool area to the Lido for breakfast I pointed out the observation deck that we would be ascending to ( 418 steps ). I received several death threats before I commented that because of the foggy conditions that we might not even attempt it.

After breakfast we did venture out into the city to explore and the first thing we found was a “ city train “ that would show us the city sights and more importantly take us up the mountain to the observation deck. My life was spared.

After the tour we retraced part of the route on foot to explore some of the architecture and a beautiful old church. It was open and they were playing a recording of their choir singing – a real nice touch.

We then returned to the ship for lunch and a nap and then ventured out again to the shopping area. Whoa… sticker shock. We knew things were supposed to be expensive but a simple T shirt saying Norway was about $30.00. so we started anew saying:                  Been There, Done That, Couldn’t Afford The T Shirt.

Tomorrow Bergen