Saturday, July 21, 2012


Land Ho!

After 3 days at sea the Captain’s announcement at 10:00 this morning that Iceland was in sight caused an onrush of passengers to the outside decks even in the fierce wind and rain. Now I know how the early sailors felt when they spent extended periods without sighting land.

Having skipped Nanortalik and Prince Christian Sound in Greenland and cruised at top speed we have arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland 2 days early and ahead of the storm. Unfortunately, the storm will hit us tomorrow while we are on a full day tour.

We did get off the ship today after docking and trekked to the information centre at the cruise dock. ( we were docked a short distance away at the  commercial shipping dock because of date changes ). We were hoping to use their Wi Fi services but the line up to pay was too long so we returned back to the ship and slow internet.

The security guard at the dock’s entrance said that the weather should be much improved on Monday morning so we will head into downtown then as we don’t leave until 1:00PM. Tomorrow we will dress in our warm raingear and go on a full day tour. At one point I should be standing with 1 foot in North America and the other in Europe. I hope DW can take a proper picture.

An interesting note: DW has been constantly wearing her sea bands the last few days in order to avoid sea sickness. ( especially with the ship cruising at full speed and not deploying stabilizers. ). Our table mates asked last night if they are some kind of Canadian fashion trend since she wore them with fancy jewellery.