Tuesday, July 3, 2012



This weekend D H and I travelled to the Lake Huron region.  We went with our 2 favourite couples D & M and M & N.  We will be travelling together next year on our 40th wedding anniversary cruise.  That count down will start later on.

The original purpose of the trip was to see 2 plays in Grand Bend.  We saw “Big Band Legends” on Friday and “Harvey” on Saturday.  Our hotel was in Bayfield, another resort town on the Lake Huron shores. We had breakfast at the hotel and lunch and dinner at local restaurants.

We walked the main street of Bayfield and visited the quaint local stores.  N is a librarian so we also made a stop at the library.  The librarian suggested we visit the Village book store which was super. We also visited the town that has been proclaimed the “prettiest little town”, Goderich.

Tomorrow I will let see what we saw.