Thursday, July 12, 2012



D H and I have been loyal Best Western users for our hotel needs.  We are gold reward members.  With all this travelling we earned a night free.  We used this free night in Ottawa on the start of our trip.  The room originally assigned to us had a king size bed and was ordinary.  There was a plumbing issue so we were transferred to another room.  I hope this bodes well for the rest of journey.  Here are some pictures of the new room we were given:

Our arrival in Boston was interesting.  We crossed into the US at the border near Prescott.  It was the easiest crossing we have ever had.  There no line=ups and the customs agent was very friendly.  On the other side of the St Lawrence we travelled through American country side.  We also saw historical plaques about the War of 1812 from their perspective.  We didn’t notice a lot of celebrations even though it was 100 years ago.  D H made his venture into Vermont and New Hampshire.  We also enjoyed Lake Champlain which is partly in Canada as well as the US.

The arrival in Boston was timed for rush hour.  Someone had a sense of humour when they called it rush hour because there is very little rushing.  Something like babysitting which has very little sitting. We saw lots of construction everywhere we travelled.  As I have mentioned before there are only 2 seasons in Canada and the US – Winter and Construction.

We are off to ride the Beantown Trolley today. So far we are thriving on this journey.