Sunday, July 29, 2012



Wow, another beautiful city.The ship docked early so we left the ship right after breakfast and headed straight for the funicular that transported us to the top of Mount Floyen for a spectacular view of the city and harbours.

After we descended we strolled through the historical Bryggen area which holds the oldest Hanseatic port buildings. We also strolled through the vibrant fish market where we noted one sign that stated that accepted all currencies,gold and diamonds in payment.

Further on we found the University complex and the arboretum and botanical gardens – quite an interesting place.

Suitably tired and hungry we headed back to the ship and relaxed in the afternoon and then danced in the Crows Nest to Elvis Presley songs.

Tomorrow is a sea day…..ahh to relax

Note: Dear wife’s Fridays Blog apparently has not been successfully posted. I am trying again tonight  but it will not be in chronological order.