Monday, July 16, 2012

VOV Day 1


Boarding Day


Woke up feeling excited and anxious for the day to unfold. By the time dear wife woke up, I had consumed 3 cups of coffee and completed reading all the newspapers and blogs and completed some financial transactions.

After breakfast we finished trying to stuff the remainder of our belongings into our already full  luggage and had our last Skype calls with DW’s parents and our daughter in South Carolina. Both noticed that I was pacing the floor rather anxiously.

Finally at 10:00 AM we trundled out our 7 pieces of luggage and watched the poor shuttle driver trying to pack the van with luggage from 7 passengers and we were off – sort of. A 20 minute ride expanded to over 45 minutes as the highway was completely blocked ( famous Boston traffic again ).

After that everything went smoothly and we were ensconced in our stateroom and eating lunch at noon. After lunch we took the ship’s tour, unpacked all our luggage and joined in with some cruise critic members in the sail away party.

The entertainment crew put on a fabulous introductory show and we danced to the music of a great trio ( although we had to compete with 4 “gentleman dancers “ on a small dance floor. All in all a great day.