Thursday, July 19, 2012


Trouble at Sea

Today, I thought there would be nothing to post. It is another sea day and we were going to do normal activities. We did notice that the ship was travelling fairly fast and with the higher wind speeds it was quite an adventure walking on the outdoor deck.

Then the Captain came on the PA with a special announcement. The ship is running at full speed in order to outrun a major storm with extremely high gale force winds and high seas. Because we bypassed Red Bay, Labrador we are ahead of the storm, but if we make our regular stop in Greenland the storm would catch us and we would not have very many happy campers. So we are steaming straight to Reykavik. At this time, it is anticipated that we will arrive on Saturday evening and depart on Monday morning ( for a 2 night stay ) then on to our next port Djupivogur a day early and the add a port in Norway ( Molde ). After that we should be back on schedule.

The Captain presided over a special information session in the Show Lounge and with charts and weather maps showed us what we were up against. The weather maps he showed us were especially compelling and during the question and answer period many passengers expressed their thanks to the captain for taking this action.

After lunch we met up with Ed and Louise  and they introduced to a card game called Hand and Foot ( not Foot and Mouth as DW called it ). Although complicated we managed to muddle through it  and even managed to finish a few games. Since we played the game in the Atrium we drew quite a bit of interest from staff and passers-by.

We just managed to finish our final game in time to attend the dance lesson, which was American Waltz. Although we are fairly competent in waltz we joined the lesson for the fun of it and then to dance after the lesson was over. There will be no dancing for us tonight in the Crows Nest as it is Disco Night, so it is a good thing we got some dancing in this afternoon.

Dinner tonight was formal dress but other than that there was nothing special. We managed to get a couple of dances in the Ocean Bar and tried to see the evenings show but the lounge was already packed so were are going to pack in early ourselves.