Monday, July 23, 2012



We woke to sun!Everyone marvelled that we had blue skies and mild temperatures.DW and I decided to take advantage of the good weather and took a long walk along the sea path. Along with the city skyline we also saw the house that Ronald Regan and Gorbachov had their meetings to end the cold war.

We also saw the light that Yoko Ono installed in honour of John Lennon. It is turned on his birthdate, October 9 and turned off December 12, the anniversary of his death. Apparently she also puts on concerts during this period.

We also passed an art museum which was adorned with strange collection of junk arranged as art in a garden setting. It reminded me of the rusting hulks of metal in High Park in Toronto that was installed as art.

The furthest we got on the walk was the modern metal representation of a Viking ship.From there we dragged ourselves back to the ship in time for sailaway.

After lunch DW inveigled me to help with the laundry which really tired me out so I had an afternoon nap to recover.DW sat up by the pool and read.

After dinner the show staff put on a rousing performance called Roadhouse. It was a little bit country and a lot of rock and roll, energetic and had us jumping in our seats. A great way to end the day.

Tomorrow morning we arrive in Djupivigor.( No one knows how to pronounce it).