Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Unscheduled Sea Day


Everything was white outside when we woke up. Thick, thick fog.The Captain had informed us last evening that we would be bypassing Red Bay Labrador due to the thick fog. He explained that radar would locate large icebergs but he had information that the area around Red Bay had a lot of what he called growlers ( small chunks of ice ) which radar would not detect  and could badly damage the ship.

DW started the day  ( after breakfast ) at Aqua Fit. Apparently she is going to be a star as the class was video taped and will be included on the trip’s DVD. I just took it easy and wrote my little add on blurb. ( I was informed that I mangled it and I am not allowed to post unless edited by DW).

After that we met up with Ed and Louise (another couple on the cruise) and played Rummy Kube. Needless to say I sported the highest score ( Louise won ).

Later we watched the Cha Cha Lesson – we did not want to interfere and only danced when they played a few songs at the end of the lesson.

Dinner was great. The six of us are getting comfortable with each other and the conversation is flowing and the good natured joking has started.

After dinner we went to the Ocean Bar and did a little dancing. Ed and Louise showed up a little later and we had some more good conversation. After they left we went up to the Crow’s Nest and cajoled Brad ( not Bruce – my bad ) to play a few songs for us before his regular program. Then we played Name that Tune  ( trivia contest ) but with our collective bad memories only achieved half the score of the winning team. They are currently line dancing in the Crow’s Nest so I retreated to the library to write my blurb and after I post it, we will go to bed.