Saturday, July 7, 2012



Wow what a week this has been! Thank goodness I am retired! This family is very active. I haven’t had a chance to say I’m tired.  I certainly have had a lot of family time and I love it.

With 5 very active grandchildren I don’t need a gym.  I get enough of a work-out just keeping up with them. Of course with H’s family here for a short time we have jammed as much time as possible into our few waking hours. The heat has also made some of our choices for us.  i have discovered our city is full of parks to keep the kids busy. With this heat water has been a necessary part of our day.

On Wednesday it was grandson day.  Both E and L spent the afternoon with us.  A trip to the park ensued.  H also got to meet the author Molly O’Keefe while we were at the park.  It was a good day for L who usually likes to stay with Nana and Poppa where he can bike and swim. L also got some quality time with Aunt C.

I got to see granddaughter E swim on Thursday morning so Mom M could go out to their new house and put the contractor to work. Granddaughter F helped Mommy in the morning however spent part of the afternoon with Grammy.  This entailed a walk to the park where the wading pool was full and the swings were ready.

Besides the grandchildren time we are only a few days away from setting off on our Voyage of the Vikings.  The packing has begun.  How do we economize on suitcases?  I think we still need 7 bags between us.  The first bag has our warm coats because we will cross the Arctic Circle as well as our formal wear.  The second bag contains our day time clothes with the emphasis on layering since we can go from hot to cold and from sun to rain at any time. Oh the joys of travelling in the summer!

The week has had plenty of laughter as well as a few tears as poor baby E is cutting more teeth. It is winding down as H and her family will head home tomorrow.  I will miss them.

If anyone asks “What is important in this day and age?” the answer has to be FAMILY.

Next week will be just as hectic as we start our incredible journey. Hope you will follow along on our cruise.  Have a good weekend.