Wednesday, July 18, 2012




We woke up to another foggy day but both shores of the Humber fiord were visible as we slowly approached Cornerbrook’s cruise dock. As we tied up to the dock we were serenaded by a solitary musician ensconced in a storage shed . With his preprogramed accompaniment he sounded like a whole band.

DW and I were excited exiting our ship as we were meeting up with Frank a former neighbour and good friend. He almost did not make the trip from Port O Port as he was socked in by very heavy fog. Fortunately,the fog dissipated enough to allow him to meet us in a flurry of hugs and laughter.

The first order of business was a trip to Tim Hortons for “ GOOD COFFEE” and a chance to relive some the hijinx  and special moments on our street and also to catch up on our respective family histories.

After that Frank drove us around to show us some of the special views and treated us to lunch  in Deer  Lake. After that he had to leave us for a doctor’s appointment and we reluctantly said our good byes.

The combination of a fun packed morning and a good lunch led us back to our stateroom for an afternoon nap. ( these are becoming habit forming).

After another fine dinner we danced for a while in the Ocean Bar and then to the Crows Nest for more dancing and great conversations with our DJ Bruce. Amazingly, we actually stayed up past 11:00 PM !.