Tuesday, July 10, 2012



The day has finally come.  We are starting our trip today.  We have packed 7 bags for 40 days and nights away from home.  The laundry is all done and the neighbour is going to look after the house. We are getting an early start because we are so excited we couldn’t sleep.

I will be maintaining my blog and D H is going to give a run-down on a daily basis of the trip. We hope you follow us as we travel through 9 counties across the North Atlantic. We are looking forward to new adventures.  We hope to see amazing scenery and meet fascinating people. D H is looking forward to no cooking and cleaning while we travel.

We will definitely miss our grandchildren.  They don’t understand why they can’t come with us. Maybe someday they will have the same adventures. We look forward to sharing our pictures and stories with them as well.

cruise from boston

We are off to see my parents and then a visit to Boston. Have a good summer.