Monday, July 16, 2012



Today started much more calmly. The clocks were advanced 1 hour overnight but we really didn’t  notice as we had no timeline to follow. After a fine breakfast in the Lido, dear wife wrote her blog and then participated in the Aqua Fit class while I lurked around and took some pictures of the merriment in the pool.

At 10:00 AM we attended the first official Cruise Critic meet and greet in the Crows Nest. We have been conversing over the internet for over a year and it was fun to meet some of the 150 people on the roll call.

The rest of the morning we relaxed by the pool and played Scrabble ( I managed to overcome an apparent commanding lead by the end of the game ). Of course this was exhausting work and after lunch I had a short nap.

We spent the afternoon in the Crows Nest playing Cribbage. I became concerned when I was skunked in the first game but again rose to the occasion and skunked dear wife in the  second game. Needless to say she was afraid to play a third.

In reality we stopped because the lesson in Cha Cha was starting and we amusedly watched some of the passengers struggle through the lesson. ( of course by comparing their struggle to ours 12 years back ). The best part was at the end because we got to dance to 3 great Cha Cha songs.

Tonight was formal night at dinner and everyone cleaned up well. Fortunately our table mates ( Pat and Joe,  Kay and Jim ) have turned out to be entertaining and friendly. The only minor disappointment is that our waiters are apparently new and service is a bit spotty. Also the coffee is terrible.

After dinner we proceeded  to the showroom where we received a free drink and  drank a toast proposed by our Captain. After he introduced his senior staff, the show entertainers put on a great performance. Even dear wife stayed awake.

The day was still not over. After the show we went to the Ocean Bar and danced for an hour to a great trio ( like on all the dam ships they are called The Neptunes ). Being a bear for more punishment we then went back up to the Crows nest and danced to some of our favourite 50,s and 60,s music and of course I won a prize in the Twist contest. But that was the killer and we dragged our tails to bed.