Saturday, July 28, 2012



I woke up in time to watch our progression up the Geirangerfjord, a 16 km narrow winding passage and a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. A large contingent of passengers were also up early oohing and aahing at the spectacular sight before us and of course trying to capture the magnitude on our cameras. After two hours of winding are way in the ship set anchor and we tendered in to the small village.

In the welcome centre we purchased tickets to the local tour bus that took us to the various lookout points and points of interest. Again we were treated to awe inspiring vistas from the mountain vantage points. On the last leg of the tour we got off the tour bus at the museum and trekked on foot the remaining downhill portion. Part way down we passed an old church which was simple but beautiful inside.

We were also basically following a mountain stream on the way down and I was able to get some interesting photos. At one point I met the bass player of the ship’s show band and he asked me to take his picture. He then proceeded to take his shoes and socks off and rolled up his pants and waded into the stream as he thought it would be neat to send the photo to his parents. But as I was fiddling with his camera he urged me to hurry up as his feet were already numb from the cold water.Needless to say he quickly exited the stream soon as I said done.

We made are way back to the ship, had lunch, had a nap and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool and hot tub. Man, what a hard life.

Actually we needed the nap in order that we could stay up to watch the Filipino Show at 10:30 PM. These amazing kids had worked all day and then put on an hour long presentation of their nation’s songs and dances. They deservedly received a standing ovation from the audience .

The only downer for the day is that mountains that crowded around us prevented us from accessing the satellite for our internet so todays log will be posted tomorrow.

Tomorrow  Alesund